Month: November 2017

World Toilet Day Celebrated at St.Paul’s Tamil Church CNI, Dombivli (Mumbai)

Hand Wash Campaign was organized on the occasion of World Toilet Day at St.Paul’s Tamil Church CNI, Dombivli, Mumbai on 19th  November, 2017. In the beginning a worship service was conducted in the church where the priest shared on cleanliness and its impact on human life.  He also talked on the importance of toilet day and motivated people to stop open defecation. 35 men and women participated in the program and pledged.


World Toilet Day

19th November 2017, was observed as World Toilet Day by CNI SBSS with community members especially children through DBSS. Drawing competitions, sessions with health workers and hand-washing demonstrations were conducted to create awareness on the importance of sanitation, hazards of defecating in open and hygiene practices.

World Toilet Day_campaign site
Clockwise: 1- DBSS Nagpur, 2 & 3- DBSS Durgapur, 4. DBSS Amritsar

Children who are more receptive to change were focused to promote the message of Sanitation & Hygiene to change the mindset of the communities.

Hand wash campaign in Marathwada DBSS

“Swachhata Se Samriddhi” campaign was launched in Marathwada DBSS on 19th October’2017. Rt. Rev. M U Kasab Bishop of Marathwada Diocese has inaugurated the campaign at Aurangabad mission compound. Now DBSS team along with church elders, pastorate committee members, school staffs, ICDS workers has broadened this campaign to different families, villages, churches and institutions. So far campaign activities are done in Bidkin, Dhirkin, Karkin, Nilazgaon, Walunz, Lanzi and Wazar villages of Marathwada DBSS and people are participating in the campaign with great enthusiasm. Church elders, pastorate committee members, Sunday school children of Jalna Christ church and Jalna Ram Nagar church have participated in the campaign. Till date 811 people signed the pledge.

1980 people pledged in a month (Nagpur DBSS)

DBSS of Nagpur has launched hand wash campaign on 16th Oct’ 2017. Inaugural ceremony-cum-training was blessed by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Paul Duppare, Diocese of Nagpur. DBSS team, diocesan delegates, medical staffs and others participated in the inaugural meeting. Mr. Samsung Wankhede, male nurse, Mure Memorial hospital Nagpur trained the participants on seven steps of hand washing. Steps are;

  1. Wet hands and apply enough soap.
  2. Rup palms together
  3. Rub the back of each hand
  4. Rub both hands while interlocking fingers.
  5. Rub the back & tips of the fingers.
  6. Rub thumps and the ends of wrist
  7. Rinse both hands properly with water.

Now the campaign has reached seven villages (Sonegaon, Katurli, Kudurli, Keshalwada, Khudsabari, Malipar & Menda)of  Bhandara district and six villages (Saikheda, Tikmara, Mundara, Pauna, Pabanpar, Gungewahi) of Chandrapur district. DBSS team along with Angawadi workers and school teachers are visiting families, organizing village meeting and making please aware about hand washing, personal hygiene, cleanliness, swachhata of the surrounding etc. 1980 people have signed the campaign pledge till date.