DBSS – Calcutta

The Journey of DBSS as a service arm of the Diocese started with a spirited movement of “transfer of Vision”, a realistic prophetic journey of SBSS, that influenced many diocese to initiate DBSS. The prudent leadership of The then Moderator of CNI, The Rt. Revd. Dr. Dinesh Chandra Gorai set up the primary vision and mission of the SBSS as well as for the DBSS to develop human resources to liberate the common mass from the exploitation, discrimination and social exclusion. The Calcutta DBSS joined the SBSS family in the year 1994. Since then, DBSS is serving socially excluded community to restore humanity with dignity. The process of intervention of DBSS was not a bed of roses but commitment and dedication of the staff along with community leaders helped DBSS to bloom as flower with fragrances.

Last year was the time to celebrate with God and start a new project – Rebuild Walls and Rebuild Lives. Sir Isaac Newton said “We build too many walls and not enough bridges…”. While wall reminds one of the great wall of China and Berlin wall which separated two communities but present project of DBSS is building bridges in its intervention villages to restore human security, peace and holistic empowerment of target communities. The project primarily focuses on education, sanitation, safe drinking water and livelihood. It is a great challenge for DBSS to ensure quality life by providing knowledge and skills, to the subaltern, to those who are suppressed for many decades. The efforts of the vested interest groups were not able to suppress the voice of the powerless people, because past twenty years of interventions in the respective villages by DBSS, has given people a dream for better life and confidence to realise that dream. Thus if you visit the villages, you can see the vibrancy of the Issue based organization, Kidzee club run by the children and participation in the school management activities by the parents to reinforce the positive thoughts on education, to address the drop out issues and to access quality education.

Contact Details:

Coordinator: Mr. Suvobrata Das (9230623933, 8240825205) (kolkata.dbss@cnisbss.org )