Socio Economic Development Programme – Amritsar

The Socio Economic Development Programme (SEDP) was conceived as the formal development wing of Amritsar diocese and an expression of Church’s concern for the poor and the marginalized in the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

The basic objective of the society was to function as a non-political, charitable, non-profit, service oriented voluntary agency of the Church of North India in the diocese of Amritsar to promote, undertake and assist the liberating process of development of the socially down trodden and economically deprived sections of the people leading to their emancipation from poverty, inequalities and social injustices that affected them, regardless of race, caste and creed.

The Socio Economic Development Programme of Amritsar Diocese gained a formal form as the society which got registered in 1984 with a temporary office at St. Thomas Lodge, Shimla.

A paradigm shift took place in the programme implementation. In 1998-99 an evaluation of programmes were conducted and brought out the complete programmatic shift from social service and economic development to empowerment through ‘rights-based approach’.

The major programmatic thrusts in this project period were on women empowerment, youth development, community empowerment, vocational training and awareness generation. Youth groups were organized in all the villages at various levels and training programmes for skill and leadership development were initiated. Under the women empowerment programmes, special camps and workshops were organized for women. Community has come together in this period and many programmes such as awareness generation camps were organized through these bodies.

SEDP in its current phase of project implementation is now focusing on factors affecting multi dimension poverty index like education, water, sanitation and asset ownership.

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