DBSS – Durgapur

The Diocese of Durgapur, CNI was formed in 1972. It is a Church Body covering Seven Districts i.e.(Bankura, Burdwan, Malda, Medinipore, Purulia, North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur) of West Bengal and having its Head Quarters in Durgapur.

The Diocese of Durgapur has witnessed an exhilarating wave of development during the past 14 years i.e. from 21st September 2003 in the leadership of present bishop, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Probal Kanto Dutta. Under his dynamic leadership, the Diocese has extended its social activities beyond the walls of the Church in serving the less fortunate and the marginalized, irrespective of caste, colour and creed. This predominantly Tribal CNI Diocese has been quite proactively involved in various developmental works benefiting deprived community and provide them with lives of dignity and sustainability. This period has also seen new Churches being constructed and old dilapidated ones being renewed.

The Diocesan Women’s Fellowship has extended its Ministry to serving children from slums who are otherwise neglected and prone to getting abused. It is providing training to women of the weaker social section and thus empowering them. New schools have been opened, giving the society a dais from where good nurtured, educate and cultured future citizens are prepared.


  • To conscientize the people of God to transform the life towards its fullness.
  • To strategize/ plan/ develop/ initiate/ facilitate/ monitor and evaluate programs at different levels to fulfill the mandate of the Church.
  • To respond in obedience to God’s call for restoration of Peace, Justice, Harmony and Dignity of life.

Vision and Mission

To be a transformed and transforming community towards the establishment of the reign of God.

Equipping the primary constituency (Laity, Clergy, Women, Youth and Children) to be effective leaders/enablers in living and communicating “the evangel”.

Along with the 40 pastorate, Diocese extended its ministry  with 1 College, 15 Schools, 4 Training Centre, 3 Hospital/Clinic, 6 Child Development Centre, 11 Projects, 5 Hostels, 9 different Ministries, 1 Programme Centre, 2 Monthly News letter and Tribal Awards ( for Social Worker and Santali Writer)

  • Presently DBSS of Durgapur working with following Identified Issue

Regular awareness programme is conducted on

  1. Proper sanitation (people should not defecate in the Open)
  2. Water quality testing/ filtration
  3. Education on community health & hygiene
  4. Primary and basic education
  5. Superstitions (accusing men/ women of being a witch)
  6. Alcoholism / substance abuse
  7. Gambling / theft
  8. Stop child labour
  9. Stop early marriage
  10. Stop human trafficking
  • Description of Activities conducted
  1. Children’s cabinet in school to oversee the basic education of the children
  2. Alternative livelihood
  3. Capacity building of the stakeholders
  4. Formation of issue (health, education, water, sanitation and livelihood) based committees
  5. Capacity building of panchayat members
  6. Capacity building of community leaders
  7. Issue (health, education, water, sanitation and livelihood) based village level meetings
  8. Government people interface for different Issues (health, education, water, sanitation and livelihood)
  9. Developing people collectives
  10. Networking with government officials and other organizations

Contact Details:

Coordinator: Rev. Amiya Das (8637368933) (durgapur.dbss@cnisbss.org)