DBSS – Barrackpore

In the year 1966 the Diocese of Calcutta was bifurcated, as a result the Diocese of Barrackpore was born on the 26th of August 1956. The Barrackpore Diocese is a rural Diocese constituting of 24 Pastorates, 106 local Churches  scattered over four districts viz. Mursidabad, Nadia and North & South 24 Parganas. Eighty five percent of the people in the area depends on agriculture, ten percent are small business men & only five percent are in jobs. Water & land are the only natural resources in the reference community.

In the year 1994, the Diocesan Board of Social services formed the Diocese under the control of SBSS. The work is managed and administered by the Board, with the Bishop as the President.  Barrackpore DBSS is working in 6 Gram Panchayat like i) Gosaba  ii) Basanti   iii) Khari  iv) Andhermanik  v) Panaqua & vi) Amgachia in 4 Blocks like Gosaba Basanti, Mathurapur-II & Bishnupur-I. We are working in 48 villages. At present we are 8 staff (6 Community Enablers, 1 parttime Accountant & 1 Acting Coordinator cum CDA).


  • With the help of government support and community awareness, 256 toilets have been made in 4 blocks ie. Bishnupur-I, Mathurapur-II, Gosaba & Basanti and all the household members are using those toilets. The villagers are now washing their hands before eating food and after using the toilet. As a result of various meetings, workshop etc, they are able to understand the harmful effects of open defecation and as a result prevalence of diseases in the villages has been reduced. 51 HH without toilets have also submitted application to the Gram Panchayat for the toilet.
  • 4 (Four) drinking water facilities (tubewells) have been provided in Bishnupur-I and 5 taps are provided in Gosaba and Basanti blocks, as a result of applications being filed by women in the community and constant interface and follow-up they maintained with the concerned departments. As a result of this, 1200 households are getting pure drinking water.
  • 2 plant nurseries are created at Krishnarampur village of Bishnupur-I Block and Sabnamaskar village of Gosaba block.
  • 10 self help group women members have started their own work by taking the loans from the bank and from their group savings. These works include fish farming, piggery, duck rearing, bamboo net making, sauce making, vegetable cultivation & saree decoration. As a result of which they are earning extra Rs. 3000 per head per month.
  • We have formed 68 self help groups out of which 2 are groups of male members and rest are women groups. There are 833 (M-26 & F- 807) self help group members in these groups.
  • In Bishnupur-I block, black pepper plantation is started with 120 families to increase their income. We have targeted to reach 500 families with black pepper cultivation.

Contact details:

Coordinator: Mr. Arpan Biswas (9836812181, 7459441791) (barrackpore.dbss@cnisbss.org)