DBSS – Phulbani

The Diocese of phulbani, under church of north India has completed its 20 years of establishment. The area of operation at present is extended to Kandhamal, Gajapati, Rayagada and Ganjam Districts of Odisha. It has 502 rural churches scattered over the hilly areas of the said districts and one urban church. The church Diocese has many believers those who are working in different areas and are economically very poor.

The diocese has done many development works in its early stages:-

  • Children Ministry: One girl’s home is established at Gudripori, Mission compound. 350 girls students are benefiting from same for their better education and their holistic development.
  • Peace festivals: The institution organizes different peace festivals for the spiritual growth of the members. The institution works for the youths and the children to build their character for the national interest.
  • Rehabilitation: The institution coordinate with different agencies like BAKI (BLESS ALL KANDHAMAL INITIATIVES) project to construct low cost dwelling houses in different places.
  • Training programs: We organized a computer training program for the youth to improve their skill in productive way.
  • Health care: We organized health camps in rural areas  and thousands of people benefited from these camps.
  • We have a project of social services working in 10 remote villages on the issues of health, education, livelihood, water, sanitation and hygiene. The project focuses on tribal communities and their economic and social development.

Contact Details:

Coordinator: Ms. N. Gladish (8847868221, 9437663788) (phulbanidbss@cnisbss.org)