NDDA – Nagpur

Sankalp – sandesh is one of the social projects of Nagpur Diocese which is implemented by NDDA. The NDDA is a social development stream of Nagpur Diocese. The sankalp/sandesh project is implemented by NDDA Nagpur and funded by CNI-SBSS. The NDDA is a registered body with charity commissioner, Nagpur (Maharashtra). The Bishop Paul Dupare is the Chairman and Mr. Sunil Jonathan is the secretary of this board.

This project is implmented in Saoli, Sindewahi, Bhandara, Pauni and Lakhani taluka of Chandrapur and Bhandara district of Maharashtra state. This project is operational in 68 rural villages of Bhandara and Chandrapur district. Project works on the issue of forest land, livelihood, women empowerment, water, sanitation, hygiene, education, health. Peace building, climate change and church mission engagement are the cross-cutting themes. Project empowers community by providing them information about forest rights act, MGNREGA, fundamental right to education, etc. Project help people to access government social security schemes. Project also support in monitoring of TB and sickle cell patient. 3000 people from intervention area have created an informal collective to support each other on the issue of livelihood, accessing government schemes and atrocities, if any.

2 female and 6 male staff are working to complete target and goal of this project. Government has allotted community land to 3 villages in response to applications filed by the community. MGNREGA awareness programme was also conducted as part of this project. project is working for reducing dropout and increasing student attendance in schools through children and parent awareness and counselling activities.

Contact Details:

Coordinator: Mr. Anil Dupare (9420140900) (nagpur.dbss@cnisbss.org)