DBSS – Marathwada

The diocese of Marathwada came in to existence on 23rd Jan 1999 after bifurcation from the diocese of Nasik. DBSS was formed in its first diocesan council . The Rev. M. U. Kasab (Now the Bishop of Marathwada) was given the responsibility of Coordinator. One program Facilitator and four field staff were also appointed. 40 villages were identified to work on the issue of barren land with a Rights Based Approach. Very soon, six more field staff and 60 villages were added. More than 1869 gairan holder families initiated efforts to gain 7|12 abstract for their land as per the government policies. Then under the guidance of CNI-SBSS, we started CBCLA centers. Ten facilitators were appointed in these centers to take take care of 376 children. 78 of these children were the school drop outs. Simultaneously, six volunteers were appointed for promoting Church Mission Engagement model in twelve Congregations. Three training were also conducted on peace building in the same period. In the mean while, 4009 families of the area formed Manav Adhikar Sangharsha Samitee, to work on different social, cultural, economic and political human rights, as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. At present, we are working on health and education issues in six villages with 276 reference families. Our present team includes one coordinator, one communication & documentation assistant and four community enablers. Apart from that we work in 35 villages on the issue of ensuring 7/12 abstract for deserving families as per the national and state laws. We are Grateful to God Almighty and the CNI-SBSS for giving us an opportunity to fulfill the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contact Details:

Coordinator: Rev. P.K Aksal (9860468369) (marathwada.dbss@cnisbss.org)